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TidExpress is a HTML editor with preview. Its interface is simple and intuitive. Main features are:

  • Free software (Freeware)
  • runs under Windows
  • mobile application that can run on a USB stick or external hard drive
  • automatic insertion of HTML tags
  • search and replace functions included
  • Tidy HTML 5 unit to ckeck if your code is W3C compliant
  • multi-documents & drag'n'drop for files
  • HTML pages preview in an embedded browser
  • multi-language (Options Menu / Language)
  • integrated Help in HTML.

TelExpress is a software that we wanted simple, but enough powerful to create an entire website.


Screen captures of TidExpress


Below, screen capture of the interface: open a document, click Analyze for errors. So you can correct them in the text editor, without the risk of forgetting.


How to insert HTML tags

For automatic insertion of HTML tags, place the mouse pointer at the desired location for insertion, then click the tag you want to insert. If you want opening and closing tags that delimit the selected text, select the text first, and then insert the tag.

With the right mouse button, a popup menu will insert the tags more quickly for you.

You can go back at any time with the functions of cancellation. Simple and effective!

Unicode and saving files

TidExpress supports Unicode and the following recording formats of text files: Ansi, UTF8 without BOM, UTF8 with BOM, UTF16 Little Endian, UTF16 Big Endian.

Table Editor

TidExpress contains a table editor that allow merging cells of a table, and the separate edition of each of the cells.

Tidy configuration settings

You can use configuration files from various sources for the Tidy unit, or create your own configuration files.


TidExpress Lite exists since March 28, 2013.

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