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For managing color, Born For Colour is a very useful tool for web designers, webmasters and anyone wishing to use colors.

Born For Colour, it's four softwares combined into one:
- Color picker : for pick a color of your choice
- Capture : for capture a color
- Colors : for find an harmony of colors
- Gradient : for calculate the steps of a gradient.

Color codes, Websafe colors and HTML named colors are shown automatically. This saves a lot of time.


First module : Color Picker

Color Picker

arrow Hold down the left mouse button down while you move the cursor over the colors.


arrow Release the mouse button when you are on the desired color. The code for this color will be displayed above the Copy button.


arrow The software will display the color code, allowing you to copy it for paste into your HTML pages or a CSS file.

Websafe and HTML named colors will be displayed at the bottom of the interface, in HTML code and by name in HTML/CSS.

This module is also provided with a color code converter. The supported formats are: HTML, RGB, HSB / HSV, HSL, CMYK, LAB, TColor, Hexa, HSL255, HSL240, RGB (0,1). So you can get the code of the selected color in one of these formats.

HTML named colors sorted by groups

To quickly find Websafe or HTML named colors, use the color selection box.

Buttons located on the right allow you to choose the color sorting:
- A for HTML named colors in alphabetical order
- G for HTML named colors sorted by groups
- L for Websafe colors sorted by luminance
- W for Websafe colors in classical order.

If you want to use only Websafe or HTML named colors, the sorting by groups saves a lot of time when you choose the colors.


Second module : Color capture

Color capture

arrow Select the color to capture by placing your mouse cursor to a location of your screen.
arrow Simultaneously press the Alt key and the C key on your keyboard (shortcut Alt + C by default).
arrow Done: color was captured and now appears in the list.
arrow The color code is also displayed under the selection format box.

Each captured color is placed on top of the previous one in the list.

To save the color list, click File / Save. Also, this list is exportable in .gpl format for The Gimp and .aco format for Photoshop, which allows you to export pallets of colors.

A zoom and a setting for slowing the mouse allows you to make very precise captures, with an accuracy of a pixel.

This module contains a color format converter that supports the following formats: HTML, RGB, HSB / HSV, HSL, CMYK, LAB, TColor, Hexa, HSL255, HSL240, RGB (0,1).

As you can see, everything has been designed for the best color capture possible!

Managing the list of colors

Gestion de la liste des couleurs arrow In the menu bar, click Options / Color list managing (or double-click on the color grid of the main screen).

arrow To move up an item, click the upward arrow.

arrow To move down an item, click on the downward arrow.

arrow To delete a color, click on the red cross.

arrow To undo all changes, click on the blue arrow.

So, you can rearrange a list of colors as you want, for save it in the best order for you.


Third module : Colors

Color palette

arrow Drag the sliders to get the main color you want. For example, in HSL:
- The cursor H will set the dominant
- The cursor S will set the saturation
- The cursor L will set the brightness.

arrow The selected color will be displayed below the sliders.

arrow The colors that may be associated with the main color will be displayed below.

The color palette is grouped into three elements:
- Primary: shades of the main color
- Colors by degrees: Colours that match the main color, but located at x degrees in the selected color wheel (RGB or RYB).
- Gradient: gradient colors of the "Colors by degrees" that were clicked.

The color codes will be displayed in HTML, allowing you to copy them for use in a web page or a CSS file.

To determine the colors for the determinant that you choose, the software uses a classical RGB wheel (red-green-blue), based on the additive colors. If you check RYB wheel, then the software will use a RYB wheel (red-yellow-blue) also called "Artist's Palette" and based on the subtractive colors.

Fourth module : Gradients

Gradient calculator

arrow Choose a color for the beginning and end of the gradient, by clicking on the small color panels on the left, or by specifying the HTML code.

arrow Specify the number of steps required for the gradient.

arrow Finally, press the Enter key on your keyboard. The software will display the corresponding range of colors.

If you click on one of the colors in the grid, the closest matching in Websafe or HTML named colors will be displayed at the bottom of the interface, in HTML or in its name in HTML/CSS.

In the grid, it is possible to display the following color codes: HTML, RGB, HSB / HSV, HSL, CMYK, LAB, TColor, Hexa, HSL255, HSL240, RGB (0,1).

By clicking on File / Save in the menu bar, you can save the resulting list to use later in other documents.

The .gpl format for The Gimp and .Aco for Photoshop are supported, allowing you to transform gradients in color palettes for these softwares.


Other functions


You can import files color palettes from The Gimp:
arrowDrag a file to the software interface (supports drag'n'drop files), or click File / Open list of colors In the menu bar.
arrow Next to Files of type, select All files (*. *), then open a .gpl Gimp file.
This allows you to use all the color palettes of The Gimp (.gpl).

Install / Uninstall
Born For Colour contains an installer and an uninstaller. Therefore, installing and uninstalling the program is very easy.

Contextual Help
This software contains a detailed help, well organized, showing you all the functions and how to call them.

Press the F1 key on your keyboard to call the help file. The help page displayed will give you information on the part of the software where you are located.

Classified by subjects, this help allows you to find easily the information that you search.

Aide de Born For Colour



Conversions to CMYK
In response to the request of some users, we placed in the software a conversion to CMYK, but be aware that there is no ideal mathematical formula to convert the values in this format. The conversion to CMYK therefore gives a result which is not ideal, but the more approaching possible. It is not possible to do better.

Format .aco (Photoshop color swatches)
Born For Colour saves .aco in format 1 and 2 (RGB). But the software does not open .aco files because the color rendering is a little different, since BFColour does not have a color profile management as in Photoshop.

Tip: To take color swatches of Photoshop (Anpa, Pantone, Focoltone, VisiBone, Toyo, HKS) use BFColour to capture the colors of the swatches one at one, and then save in native format of BFColour or .gpl format (The Gimp).


Born For Colour exists since July 9, 2014.